Sunday, 20 July 2014

SYTYCD 11 Top 18 Performance

The group routine! 

This was such a unique concept! The costumes, make up, stage and lighting was superb. And most importantly the dancers did such an amazing job :) Tanisha really stood out for me, she looked so great doing that even though she came in as a ballroom dancer.

So here are my favorite routines in no order

1. Hip Hop routine danced by Carly and Serge
This was really really dope. Carly really made the whole routine look so good. She really brought out the skeletal character and her movements were so clean! Serge was great too, but Carly was superrrrr great. This was definitely the most unique hip hop routine I've ever seen on the show and there needs to be more of such a laid back and cool style, which doesn't always have to be about love.

2. Jive routine danced by Emilio and Bridget
They both did such a great job in bringing the happy vibe, and I was smiling while watching the whole routine. Emilio is such a brilliant performer, his performance made up for all the lack of technique. Bridget looked gorgeous and she portrayed this character really well, it was flirty and feminine :)

3. Broadway routine danced by Rudy and Tanisha
Loved this so much! It was so fast but they made it look so effortless. Tanisha's technique is great, she must have really trained in other styles as well, cause she's killing every type of genre so far. Rudy was so much fun to watch, he really looked like he was having so much fun!!

And this week, Jourdan and Stanley were out!
I kind of already expected it.. especially when they were announced to be in the bottom again and that the other 4 who were in the bottom killed their routines. But I enjoyed watching them so much! Jourdan has such amazing legs, I wish I could see more her tilts. Stanley has such great techniques as well, and he looks like such nice person. 

Before I end off and hit the books, 
I have to share this video

This is the funniest interview I have ever watched. Teddy and Emily spent the entire 5 minutes plus of the interview just trying to stop laughing. It's so hilarious to watch them trying so hard to keep a straight face and complete a sentence!! They are one of my favorite couples this season  :)

Friday, 18 July 2014

Time to step it up.

I got back some of my exam results.. 
And I'm pretty satisfied with most of my subjects because I've made improvements and that's honestly all that I can ask for. But there's still so much to improve on before I feel like I'll be prepared for the A'levels. There are also subjects that I haven't improved on.. ): So I gotta work on that. 

There's only about less than 4 months to the A'levels!!
I feel like I got my drive back, but I really need to step up my game and give it my ALL. 
I need to really be able to cast away all the distractions, to perservere no matter how tired I am and to also take good care of my health. 

There's another 6 weeks till the next exam, the final set of exams that I'll be taking before the A'levels. 
I got this!!!


✿ plants are friends ✿

Sunday, 13 July 2014

I can do it.

This week has been disappointing.
It's the first week of school and I feel like I haven't got my shir together. 
I really need to step it up and give it my all. 
I have to be strong and pull through, 
it's just a few months left.

SYTYCD 11 Top 20 Performance Again

Here's the group routine and it's also the last group routine with the whole of the top 20 till the finale. 
I absolutely love this broadway number, it was so fun to watch.

So here are my favorite routines of this week.

1. Contemporary routine danced by Carly and Serge 
They had such a great emotional connection and my favorite moment was when Carly looked up at him at one of the parts, it was such a small gesture, but it made the performance real. And the accoustic version of Latch sounds amazing! Everything in this routine was awesome :)

2. Contemporary routine danced by Ricky and Valerie
They both did so great, especially since Valerie isn't a contemporary dancer! And Ricky really helped to bring her up :)

3. Hip hop routine danced by Teddy and Emily
This routine was super sexy and groovy! Teddy's so good looking and he looked so great doing those moves. Emily was amazing, she had so much control in her body and she had the groove too. They both had such great chemistry, I can totally feel it.

4. Jazz routine by Tanisha and Rudy
I loved this routine so much! Tanisha had great techniques, flexibility and control, and she was super fierce. Rudy was such a great partner as well and he looked really great doing this routine. The season has just started and Sonya has already created so many great routines, she's so great :)

Overall, this episode was so great even though some of the routines were criticized badly by Nigel. But I realized half the dancers go to dance in their own genre, so I can't wait for next week to see them dancing to different styles :)

For this week, Marlene and Nick got eliminated ):
They were both so great, I'm sure there'll be great things ahead for them!!

Alright, can't wait for the next episode already.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The madness begins

Tomorrow will be the first day of a new semester, 
which is the time where every teachers claims to be a time of madness.
Mad because we will be piled up with homeworks and tests, more than we'll ever have in our entire lives as we go nearer to the A'leveld dates. 
It's gonna be a tough time, but it's the time where we cannot lose focus and strength.
I feel prepared to face all the upcoming challenges and I hope to embrace them with a positive mind. 

I really do I hope I do well and that I really do give it my all. 

Anyway, every since sytycd 11 started and me being so amazed by a dancer called Ricky Ubeda, I found these 2 dance videos, that I just find myself watching again and again.

Slide by Ricky Ubeda
This is so hilarious and it just brightens my day.

Skin and Bones by Ricky Ubeda
The feels. 

He is such a great performer, he hast he techniques, passion and a great personality. He dances with his soul and it inspires me so much. I can't wait to see him through the weeks in sytycd :)

Anyway, I'm so scared for tomorrow... 
I'm so scared about exam results.... 
I'm so scared of the future.... 

But let's do this!!!!

Friday, 4 July 2014

SYTYCD 11 Top 20 Performance

So yesterday, the top 20 had their first performance!!
I'm so happy!!

This was the opening number and I loved it!
It was so different from the previous season, last year's season first opening group number was really epic and cool. For this, I would say it was really unique and classy. I love that I could feel them enjoying themselves, I felt really excited for them :) 

I think they were all great last night! But here's my top 3 favorite routines,

1. No doubt, the contemporary number by Ricky and Jessica

Omg, they were so amazing. I was in awe of their performance, they portrayed the emotions so well. Jessica was such a great actress and Ricky's technique was just phenomenal. I can't believe it's only the first week. 

2. The tap routine by Zack and Valerie!

The routine was so difficult and they did an amazing job with the performance especially with the steps. It was such an uplifting performance and the rhythm they gave to the song was so great and so fast!! 

3. Hip hop by Teddy and Emilio!!

I enjoyed this performance so much and I could definitely see their different styles in this. But they were so great at performing as one. And maybe it's because I'm a little biased to Emilio cause I've been a fan of Iamme for so long. Teddy is so good looking too :) 

Overall, I loved every routine and I can't wait for next week. 
And I really can't guess who'll go home next week. Even though I'm so sad that we'll start losing people two by two, but it's so exciting!

I need to get my shit together.

I'm finally done with the exams that I've been worrying about for months. 
It's so weird. For the past few months, I've been really worried about this exam. And everyday, I'm just trying to do my best and work really really hard. But a few days before the exams, I just started losing the will to do anything. And when the exams were here, I felt to emotionless. 

I just went in and did the paper, I don't even know if I actually tried my best. I just simply did it and got over it. The scary thing is, I don't know how I fared. And now I'm feeling scared, because I know I studied really hard for the entire month of June. But it still feels as if it will not pay off. I don't know. 

And after my last paper today, I just feel so exhaused. 
I'm tired of studying. I would be so happy to just lie on the bed and stare at the ceiling for hours and not use my brain. 

Is this what you call burn out? 
I don't know. But it sucks.

And next week, the studying starts again.... 
Because ultimately, it's A'levels that we're looking at. 

I hate myself for being so weak. 
I really hope I get my shit together and gain my strength back by this weekend.
I need to remind myself why I worked hard for so long.